In this online skills-share we explore how to

  • Explore dreams

    & why & how we dream from a Jungian, psychological approach

  • Explore symbolism

    & its importance in dream work. What is our unconscious trying to convey to us?

  • Hold space and navigate

    the clients dream world from their perspective. What meaning does the client give to their dreams?

Our clients often bring dreams into the counselling room...

but how confident do you feel around exploring these?

Elise Wardle is an integrative, humanistic and transpersonal (Jungian) Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor with 12 years experience within private practice and the NHS. Her clinical Training and Qualifications include an MA (Dist.) in Jungian Psychotherapy and Healing; Dip.Int.Counselling; Cert.CBT; Cert.Hypnotherapy; Cert.Attachment Theory; Dip.Counselling Supervision; DMP (Deep Memory Process)

In this online skills share we explore what dreams can reveal about our unconscious health. Encompassing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. What hidden complexes/sub-personalities are awaiting conscious exploration and how do we unlock the enigmas of the dream?

In working with the dreams, we explore these questions and others within the context of Jungian/ Analytical Psychology exploring concepts such as, the Self, Anima, Animus & Shadow. We explore how we may use the dream image in order to make links to current life situations and what the unconscious is attempting to convey symbolically in terms of where we are on our own path. 

This skills share is a mix of reading, PDF downloads and video exploration of the topic.

What's included?

  • 1

    Introduction to working with dreams

    • Introduction to working with dreams in therapy work

  • 2

    A conversation on working with dreams

    • A conversation on working with dreams

  • 3

    Dream Theory

    • Dream Theory

  • 4

    Symbolism in Dreams

    • Jung on how symbols arise in dreams to explain the unconscious

  • 5

    Exploring dreams in therapy work

    • Exploring dreams in therapy work

  • 6

    Bibliography & further reading

    • Bibliography & further reading