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Are you a therapist who would like to work more creatively?

Welcome to this online creative therapeutic skills share space where we aim to inspire and connect you with other like minded therapists by offering you regular online skills shares, CPD and networking via our therapist run Facebook community and this membership site! We have now worked with over 6000 therapists and offer retreats, conferences and networking skills share meet ups! Our members are passionate about this CREATIVE COUNSELLING MOVEMENT and we aim to sing about the power of creativity in counselling work.
Are you a therapist who would like to work more creatively?

Member Benefits

When you join, you will receive a welcome letter and membership card in the post. You will receive an invite to join our members only Facebook space. You will have the opportunity to be featured in our monthly newsletter and within our social media platforms. You will get access to all of our online creative therapeutic skills shares designed to integrate creative counselling tools into mainstream counselling models. You will receive a PDF CPD certificate per skills share that you complete! You will be invited to join our LIVE online skills share mixer trainings for FREE. (Usually costing £10.00 per mixer)... You will be joining a growing community dedicated to sharing and exploring the power of community and creativity for mental health!
Member Benefits

Current Online Skills Shares

We update your online toolbox regularly and you also get access to our FREE members only Facebook group + your invite to a LIVE online skills shares video mixers starting in August

  • Working Creatively with Trauma & Dissociation

  • Creative Therapeutic Journaling for Counsellors & Therapists

  • Working with Creative Therapeutic Visualisations

  • Exploring Gaming Addictions

  • Exploring Self-Harm

  • Clay Therapy in Counselling Work

A message to my 8 year old self

from our Creative Therapeutic Journaling Course

What our CPD members think:

Adam Johnson

"Great stuff!"

Adam Johnson

“The course is very original and really helped me get in touch with my creative side, something i really wanted to be able to do to enhance my private work with clients. Great stuff!” www.mind2talk.co.uk
Lis Hughes

"I feel I really found myself!"

Lis Hughes

“This course was a warm and friendly introduction to the art of creative journaling. I feel I really found my self as well as my style - and gained lots of great ideas for client work too! I highly recommend this course! “ www.notalonelyjourney.com
Louise Wheble

"I absolutely loved this creative course!"

Louise Wheble

“I have absolutely loved this creative course! The course has allowed me to create the time, space and permission needed to re-connect with my creative side”



  • Closed Facebook Group for Members

    This experience gives you access to other members to share ideas for your client practice, to support each other to grow and to network with peers

  • Proof of CPD

    You are provided with a downloadable proof of CPD at the end of each online skills share. This is a low cost option to add to your CPD portfolio

  • In Course Forum

    Our membership forum offers you a space online to ask any questions, get support or check in for accountability with course hosts and peers