Your new membership offers YOU:

  • Social Networking

    We provide you with an online Facebook membership group which is hosted by our admin team. You are invited to network, share skills and simplify how you access your membership

  • Online CPD

    We provide you with topic based CPD skills shares to build your counselling toolbox, develop confidence and share your skills with others

  • Downloadable Worksheets

    We provide you with downloadable worksheets, workbooks and tools ideas to help you to support your clients in a creative way

  • Regular Bonus LIVE's

    In our Facebook group for members only, where we can network, share ideas & get together with other counsellors & therapists to deepen the learning around the monthly content

  • Full Online Support

    You can reach out to us for support online in our Facebook group or by email for support

Our members share their experiences of the CCC:

"What a lovely community we all are"

Pattie Riddett

"I enjoyed the journal workshop experience. It is also helpful for using with my clients to help them explore. In particular the "endings and beginnings" and goals. I feel, throwing in the odd journaling exercise in to our CCC could be helpful therapeutically for us all. It is easy to get on the treadmill and keep going. I was impressed how many of us were so open and honest. What a lovely community we all are."

"This was incredible!"

by Christine Cooper

“This was incredible! The prompts allowed me to explore various areas of my own personal life, and to see how it could also be used with the client base I work with. It has also reminded me the importance of my own self-care and taking time out from a busy life. Even though I've finished the course now, I find myself still reaching for my journal to draw and explore instead of turning on my computer which is a huge change for me. Thank you to all of you for running it!”

"This is amazing!"

Samantha Barlow

“This course was amazing, inspirational and can be carried out on self and those hard to reach clients”

"It was good to know there was support available"

Hayley Murphy

“I found this course to be well written and easy to follow. It was good to know there was support available too if it were needed”


  • I want to join but am wondering what happens if I change my mind?

    We are confident that you will love being a CCC Hub member but if you change your mind at any time, then you can cancel any future payments and your membership will end. There is no minimum commitment!

  • Will I need any special technology to access the hub?

    No! All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile to be able to access this hub! Our Live training is hosted through Facebook and if you want to take part in a LIVE call, then we recommend that you use a microphone and maybe headphones to get the most privacy and the clearest sound, but these are not a necessity and it is down to personal choice! We can help you with that! I actually use my simple headphones that came with my mobile phone! As easy as that!

  • What happens if I miss a LIVE training?

    We record everything where possible and store this within your monthly hub bundles. So you can catch up when ever you like!

  • How will I know what is coming up for members in the Hub?

    We will keep you updated in the Facebook group and you will also receive an email when new content is released.