About this CPD

Lisa Cromar will be presenting this workshop, Lisa is a person-centred counsellor who specialises in working with autistic clients, and is an autism advocate, she has Aspergers and has children with Aspergers and autism. Lisa is the author of the literature review: exploring the efficacy of person-centred counselling for autistic people published in the latest edition of the PCQ, and an article written for the Creative Counsellors Club website, Creative Counselling for Autistic Clients. She is also starting a PhD in February 2020 at The University of Chester where she aims to advance research in effective counselling for autistic clients. This online workshop will consider autism, from early childhood. Discussing how an autistic child develops differently to a neurotypical child, and the implications this has in counselling young people and autistic adults. We will explore how creative counselling can make a positive impact on our work with autistic clients. We will consider the ways in which Counselling can be adapted to include creative counselling, making it more accessible to the autistic client group.

What's included?

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    Working Creatively with Autistic Clients with Lisa Cromar

    • Working Creatively with Autistic Clients with Lisa Cromar (139 Minutes)

    • Slides and References