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Mind Charity Research

" 71% of respondents felt decreased depression and less tense after a “green” walk, while 90% felt their self-esteem increase after a country walk"

Are you drawn to offering therapy in outdoor spaces?

The term ‘ecopsychology’, which is the study of the mental health benefit of being in nature, can be credited to Theodore Roszak, who wrote about this in 1992 in his book "The Voice of the Earth". His main philosophy is that our minds are impacted by the modern world but originate in nature, and that as a result of disconnect from nature we suffer. As humans we have a calling to emotionally connect with nature and as therapists we can create space for our clients to process difficult emotions and experiences while being held in nature. We know that there are many benefits to mental health when we spend time in green spaces and Walk & Talk Counselling / Ecotherapy options are growing in popularity as we see more and more counsellors exploring what it is like to meet clients in the outdoors. This training will guide you through how to set up your practice safely and with confidence to take your therapy outside.

What are the benefits of offering therapy in the outdoors?

  • A break from the screen or sitting in a closed therapy room

  • Less anxiety for the client in moving from face to face eye contact to side by side walking

  • Grounding and stabilisation through bilateral movement - the ability to process painful emotions while moving the body

  • Clients often report feeling less claustrophobic

  • Recorded training from a live session with real questions and feedback to co-learn from

  • Exercise and movement boost endorphins and feel good chemicals

  • Nature offers a naturally grounding experience

  • Clients often report feeling as though they can breathe in outdoor spaces

  • Offers an additional space for clients when a therapy room is not available

Included in your training package

Your Private Practice - Get started downloadable kit

  • Example Risk Assessment PDF

    This example risk assessment guidance PDF is a handy reference point to support you in creating your own risk assessment of your walks which is important to meet your insurance requirements

  • Special Considerations PDF

    This quick downloadable guide helps you to think about special medical considerations when preparing clients for walking in the outdoors

  • Example Counselling Agreement PDF

    This example agreement covers some additional assessment questions to consider asking clients in preparation for offering therapy in nature. Exploring safety, triggers and other nudges in preparation

What do we cover in this training?

  • 1

    Walk & Talk Therapy Training Replay

    • Introduction & What is Walk and Talk Therapy? (10 Minutes)

    • Creative Metaphors in Nature: Exercise (10 Minutes)

    • Lone Working, Safety, Risk Assessment & Practical Considerations in the Outdoors (60 Minutes)

    • Risk Continued: Emotional Assessments, Working with Young People & Other Factors to Consider (20 Minutes)

    • Exploring Metaphors in Nature - The Power of Nature in Therapy (15 Minutes)

    • Nature as Your Co-Therapist (20 Minutes)

  • 2

    Downloadable Example Resources & Slides Guide

    • Download & Explore Your Walk & Talk Risk Assessment Example (5 Minutes)

    • Download & Explore Your Special considerations Example (5 Minutes)

    • Download Your Example Counselling Agreement Example (5 Minutes)

  • 3

    Feedback & Certificate

    • Training Feedback & Reflection (10 Minutes)

    • Download your Walk and Talk Therapy Trained Logo (2 Minutes)

    • Congratulations! (5 Minutes)

Flexible payments

As a not-for-profit organisation we aim to make training as affordable as possible by offering flexible payments. You can choose to pay in full or to split your payments over two months. (If you split your payments then we will automatically collect your second payment in one months time)

On completion you are invited to download your logo and CPD certificate

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